June favourites 2019

Whoa wasn’t June a bit short?

I swear to God, I still think it’s like middle of the month and I have all the time in the world, BUT NO BARBARA you are 3 days in July and STOP procrastinating and start getting your shit done.

Last time I wrote about my favourites went down really well, and you are always suggesting I start this as a monthly thing, so let’s give it a go.

Hope you find something that works for you x

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-you can definitely see we are in summer because there is ZERO make up involved and all summer essentials shizzle is in use

Clinique MOISTURE SURGE OVERNIGHT MASK I used to be a massive Clinique fan so, a sixteen-year-old me is currently high-fiving a current twenty-five-year-old me because this face mask aka overnight moisturizer is basically everything you need to look like an actual human being in a morning. It gives you that, YES I slept for normal amount of hours/YES, I drink stupidly big amount of water daily kinda look and I love it because it’s minimal effort to make me a very happy and glowy millennial.

The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants (50ml) it is second summer of me using this face sun cream and all I can say is: yes, it is affordable as fuck. Yes, it is effective as fuck. Yes, you should buy it asap. It does dry my skin a little bit and when I first started using it used to make me break out (turns out it was just a PMS) but it was the only sun cream that’d actually protect me from the sun. Thank me later because you ain’t getting skin cancer when using this.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops -Light 30ml so since I didn’t see a beach since March and want that nice summery tan so I don’t look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, I bought this self-tanning drops you mix with your face moisturiser and VÓILA. You get a healthy glowing tan that doesn’t make you look like oompa-loompa. It’s very easy to apply (don’t forget to wash your hand after tho!!!) and it stays on for days.

Nuxe creme prodigieuse boost during summer when I want to add a little bit extra hydration to my skin, this gel boost works perfectly as base to my everyday moisturiser. It’s very light and refreshing, with a nice soft smell which is not my cup of tea but I get over it quickly. It gives my skin that perfect radiant and bright look, just what I need to start my day right.

It can totally be used on it’s own, but ever since I started using SPF cream on daily basis, I’m using it just to boost my faces freshness.

Glossier perfume After I legitimately sniffed and interrogated around half of London why do they smell so good, answer was always. THIS. PERFUME. It’s another great product from very hyped but for a good reason hyped brand, Glossier. Very millennial, I know. Well this perfume, smells like YOU. Like legit. It sort of melts with your skin and makes your own personal fragrance. It’s honestly revolutionary because it makes me smell differently each day. L O V E I T!


Silky H&M pyjs I mean. We all have pyjamas preferences. Some of you sleep naked. Some in knickers. Some in pjys. Some with socks. (You weirdos) but most importantly everyone has their own thing. My thing is matching pjyama sets. It makes me feel very adult and put together, yes I know that all I’m doing is sleeping. This cute set is from H&M, comes in various colours (but pale pink is so cute tho) and it feels like you’re nude. Also, you never know when you’ll have to call firefighters to come rescue you from the fire because you attempted cooking.

Shell earrings this is not me following the trend of everyone shelling the f*** up, this is the 8-year-old me finally getting that shell accessories her mum thought was to tacky to wear. well, HA MUM.

Birkenstocks I mean. I do know I look very gay in these but fuck me aren’t these just the best fucking thing to wear in the summer? Answer is yes.

ASOS chochet knitted vest this is just very probably the cutest top I’ve seen in ages and I wore it every week since I got it. I’m obsessed with white and knitted in the summer. Sue me.

Denim dress this is the dress I purchased last summer, and was definitely most worn item in my wardrobe. It was obviously very popular because H&M decided to bring it back this summer, and I’m about to tell you why. IT IS PERFECT. It’s so light. Perfect length. Goes with everything. And most importantly, it is so freaking comfortable and I feel very confident wearing it.


Tales of the City, Netflix. Not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, BUT I’ve cried, laugh and LEARNT so much from this prideful series. It so RAW, striking and well made. Just what we need in this world. #LOVEISLOVE

My best friend, TAMARA. Tim Tam is like my rock foundation everyday. But in this past month, she helped me through very bad anxiety, birthday blues, boy-drama, work worries. SHE IS SO SELFLESS AND UTTERY WONDERFUL. I am so grateful I have her.

I really hope you have your Tamara, because a girl can only take this much without her best friend.

Stormzy. THIS. FUCKING. LEGEND. Beats, words, that GLASTONBURY PERFORMANCE. You the hottest in the world, and my Spotify playlist.


Let’s talk about: Hungover Chronicles.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been quite frequent at drinking over last few weeks. AND, no it’s not because I’m a full-blown addict, it is because I am a regular twenty-five year old with a some kind of social life and love for tequila.

Also, it is June. Which means it is summer. Which means that day time drinking is acceptable without being judged by old ladies on tube. So here we are. ALL IS great.

How do you go out and get absolutely shit-faced and then you have a completely normal next day?

UM, it is doable. ALSO, I’ve kinda became an expert over the years.

So yes, I’m writing this for me, but mostly you, my dear.

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning (or few hours after you passed out in your bed, whilst half-way through taking off your make up) and your head feels like someone smacked you with a bat and you can’t fully open your eyes because they’re either stuck together or you forgot to pull down your blinds and the day light is all of a sudden making you feel like a freaking vampire under the direct sun?

Huh, that’s the level of rough I feel most of the time, YES.

At this point, I turn on my back and put a pillow over my face, trying to recall why the heck to I feel like the herd of rhinos ran all over me, but ALSO how the hell am I supposed to make it though the day???

FYI, my nights out usually go like this.

After I decide that once again eyeliner is a NO NO, and down my third glass of wine whilst Florence and Machine are playing in the background. I’m taking approximately 45-89 selfies, of which one or maybe even none will be posted. Then I decide to tidy after myself, because hello OCD but also, A GIFT to my-tomorrow’s-very-hungover-self.

Then I’m ready to go out.

Starting with vodka-sodas, because we love vodka and we are trying to stay hydrated (and yes, pls I do need a vodka brand to sponsor me). Then somewhere between vodkas, and occasional tequila shoots (which according to my bank statement the very next day cost more than a new liver on illegal market) I do rum and coke or two, just to change the taste to somewhat pleasant. When I genuinely think I’ve had enough of strong drinks (and I usually figure this out when texting the wrong person or telling the lovely girl in the toilet queue that I’ll pay for her uni expenses), I go and buy a beer, to fight that disgusting dry mouth feeling, but I buy Desperados aka tequila beer.

At this point, my tummy (but mostly heart) tells me that it’s Mc Donald’s time. SO we find the nearest one. But on the way there we usually meet one, two or sometimes ten homeless people who are for God knows what reason always very chatty at 2am. So after we discus latest Brexit talks, and everyone’s agenda for the summer we say our goodbyes with a promise to take care as many strange people are lurking at this time of a night. (We always ask if they want some food, but they are usually always after a quid or two, so we give them whatever coins we can find at the bottom of our bags)

My go to order in Mcds is: extra gherkin-double cheeseburger, two large fries (very salted) with sweet curry sauce and coke zero. AND, if you never had to wait for your Mc Donald’s order for 30 minutes together with half of the London, you don’t know what commitment is.

Sometime after figuring out how the heck I got on the right tube I needed to and fidgeting with my phone to get an Uber to take me to mi casa, I find myself turning my bag upside down in front my door to find the key because at this point I really, really, really have to pee, only to remember that I hid it in the “safe” zip pocket.

It takes me around 45 seconds to take my shoes off and climb three flights of stairs that get me to my bedroom, but for some weird reason at this point this seems like a forever.

I usually end up sitting on my bed for next five minutes, because my Spotify is still on, and I’m probably mentally preforming at the Grammy’s.

Which leads us back to me sitting on my bed just few hours later and trying to regain full control of my brain and body.

At this point I’ve already decided that fried eggs and salted butter on toast are what I need to get my shit together but first THE SHOWER.

THE SHOWER has to be boiling hot when I get in, because that chilly feeling you’ve got is you lacking sleep and metabolising alcohol.

Then after washing your face and hair you do conditioner, but slightly switch water to lukewarm, because the last stage is turning water ice cold to snap you out of whatever bad decision you were over-thinking.

So when you sterilise your outside, and use scrub to make sure disease from touching everything in that dodgy club last night is gone, you wish you could wash your insides, but coffee will do.

NOW. If you’re a thrower upper (thanks to sweet baby JESUS I AM NOT), I suggest going for tea, or any liquid you can keep down. And toast. I is just going to quickly make full English breakfast because, thank you genetics I can eat.

Now you’ve eaten, sure you can pop few Aspirins for that awful headache ( I mean it’s not going to make up for a fact you chugged seven vodka-sodas last night Barbara, but it will help. ) but I suggest spending the next few hours lying horizontal.

I mean, unless you’re working, there is really no better thing to do than to either take a nap or watch Netflix.

(If you are working, or worse, have a family occasion you need to attend, I highly suggest drinking one re-hydration sachet, tons of concealer and grabbing Mc Muffin and black coffee on a way.)

But if you’re lucky (and smart enough), your hungovers will most probably be present on your days off.

So please, please, please do yourself a favour and enjoy them.

Turn your phone off. Switch your brain off. Enjoy slouching on a sofa. Lounge clothes were invented for moments like this. Take advantage of food deliveries. Hydrate. Chill. Recover. Take a bath. OR. Take a walk. Go to pub for a roast. Go to a corner shop for gummy bears. Do what you’e feeling doing, even if it’s nothing but breathing.

BECAUSE, it is completely fine to count this as normal.

Hungovers are not half bad when you accept them as necessity and aftermaths of a good night out. When you actually have a reason to take it slow, because we all know how guilty we feel taking some time off.

When everything you can think about, and SHOULD think about is what are you watching and where’s the next source of carbs coming from?


So, today marks 25 years of Barbara.

And I would be lying if I said that I’m not freaking out.

Because I am freaking out. Like A LOT.

Like most of America did when Trump got elected. Or when Alabama banned abortion.  So, like a whole lot.

Like no offense to myself or anything, but what the fuck am I actually doing?

Because when someone asks if I have a plan? I repeatedly answer with: I don’t even have a pla.

Can you relate already?

Apparently it’s called quarter life crisis, as we millennials have to put a label on fucking everything.

So yeah. FUN TIMES EH?

To be honest, I had this very great idea about how this post is going to written. I was gonna get ballons with numbers 2 & 5 and buy a random cupcake with a little candle that’d be thrown away later and I’d wear a dress and write this cute text about twenty-five things you should deffo do before turning 25 and then I’d tell you how amazing it is to be a very functional adult and have your shit together.

THE TRUTH IS THOUGH, I don’t want to lie to you. And I don’t want to put more pressure on you. Because I don’t have my shit together. My definition of adulting is being able to power through a very bad hungover on a working day and eating green veggies at least once a week. And not needing to sell my eggs for money if I want a good night out and making sure that my mum get’s daily updates on my life, otherwise that woman thinks I’m dead and my body is on the very bottom of Thames river. Also, not dying and having my body thrown to the very bottom of Thames river.

I’d never lie to you, because life is hard. But if you’re in your twenties life is even harder.

Because, honestly, twenties are shit.

Apparently you should be having the time of your life but you’re constantly stressed. First you get stressed about graduating and all the uni shebang. Then when you finally think you’re on track you get all stressed because you can’t find a job.

Or at least a job that doesn’t require seventy-eight years of experience although they’re looking for young people to hire. And then you’re stressed over the fact you get paid peanuts and you can barely afford living with other six people in shitty house and you quit your job.

And of course you are all stressed again about finding a new job. But you lucked out and you find one.

And you move flats. But not without stressing over the fact that your rent costs a small fortune if you want a room with a window and decent sized bathroom with hot water.

And you’re always stressed about your sex life. Because it is hard to date when you barely have time to breathe. Or shower. Also it is freaking hard to find someone who gets you and you don’t have to be fake with, and who isn’t selfish in bed and wants to do Netflix and chill rather than just sex. And when you do come across a decent lad, or you know a lady, they fuck it up by putting their parts into other people’s bodies and then you’re stressed again, well rather sad and mad, and you swear you’re never dating again, but you ain’t vowed for celibacy. And then you go on dating apps and unwillingly turn into a little bit of slut, but at least you are safe, and pleased.

And you finally have time to go out with your friends without a feeling that you should be searching for a future father of your imaginary child every time you exit the house.

But then you get stressed because some of your friends decided they are not your friends anymore because they are pretentious little shits, but you get over it faster than Khloe Kardashian got over all of Tristans cheating, because you are better off without fake people in your life.

But then again, you are persistently tired as fuck. And you’re always feeling like a fraud because you can’t be rude to Karen from office, who is middle-aged, hates millennials and isn’t getting any.

And everybody always thinks you’re a upset because you’re young, that you are loud because you’re young, that you are politically naive because you’re young and that you get easily annoyed because you’re young.

AND you can’t tell everyone to fuck off because half of the time, even you are not sure what the fuck is wrong with you and you are too busy to figure it out.

To busy because you need to get a proper amount of sleep, and hydrate, go to gym, reply to all gazillion Whatsapp chats (mostly audios, that you firstly have to listen to), make time for self-care so you don’t burn out, eat your suggested 5 a day and catch up on podcasts (mostly about adulting).

And what pisses the fuck out of me is the fact that even when I do all this, when I eat my avocado on toast, and do yoga and call my mother and cross off all the things off my to-do list I still feel like I should be running a marathon, or buying a house, or popping out a child or two, or should be a CEO of my own company and I get anxiety attacks.

Our society puts so much pressure on miìllennials these days that if you’re not on Forbes 30 under 30 list, what are you even doing with your life Barbara???

Like, why aren’t you climbing Mt. Everest or have seven million followers on Instagram?

I’ve been stressing over all this shit for too long. And do you know what? I’m done wasting my time. I’m done convincing myself that I’m missing out and that I should be something I’m not.

It all cool to dream that you’re the next Kylie Jenner, but if your sister does have a sex tape, chances are it’s more likely going to end up on a dodgy website rather than with a multi-million contract.

It’s time for real talk now.

Keep working hard. Keep being passionate about the things you love and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. Whatever it is. Because you are capable. Because you can be more than Kylie, and Kendall and whoever.

And it is ok to live on a budget, in a crappy apartment and have crappy sex life at the moment. As long as you’re doing everything you can to change that. As long as you don’t settle for less than you deserve. As long as your self-pity days don’t last longer than an actual neccesity. And you can switch from *can’t fucking adult today* days to *I got this shit * days.

It’s not easy but you got it babe. Sometimes you just have to give yourself the pep talks.

Like:“ Hello, you are a bad ass bitch! Don’t be sad! You are doing great! Love you!“

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, stop fucking comparing yourself to other people.

JUST. DON’T. That ain’t healthy. I know you will still do it from time to time because I do, but don’t. Stop being jelaous of other people. They also worked hard to get to the top (or you know, their sister cashed their sex tape really well).

Stop thinking of failure. Stop crying because someone has Cartier love bracelet and you have Pandora. Stop beating yourself up because someone goes to Hawaii twice a year and you never left Europe. Stop. It.

Truth is. Nobody is as succesful as Instagram makes them look and nobody is as pretty as filters make them seem.

The only healthy and worthwile comparison is you yesterday vs you today.

You are healthy. You are smart. You are loved. You are not related to Trump. You are twenty-something and your tits are still perky. Life is great even though sometimes you shower with ice cold water and have hummus for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you’re broke. You are actually living your best life, because you are living. And this rollercoaster you are on my dear, it is only going up.

Barb recommends: 3 places to visit in Croatia this summer

Hiiiiiiii you beautiful people.

How’s was your May?






Hey chilled ciders.

AND roof top cocktail bars, beer gardens and barbacues.


Summer in London is something else, let me tell you.

Everything just comes back to life. EVERYONE IS IN BETTER MOOD (YES, Jeremy Corbyn and my local barista I’m talking about you). We all take our Birkenstocks, straw bags, hats and flouncy dresses out of the wardrobe. Everybody on tube seems to forget wearing a deodorant. We swap our usual go-to coffee with an iced latte. And instead of usual eggs with avocado we now eat salads WITH eggs and avocado. There is also all the festivals and activities we can attend and have so much fun and then the day after we all get together on a common and we have a picnic and we chill whilst talking about how bad out of ten is our hungover. FYI, mine is like always somewhere between 2-4/10, because WATER. (but a post about hungover is coming later this month)

But being from Croatia I got used to spending my summer at the seaside. Not England kind, but a proper it is so hot *you could fry an egg on your brothers head if he even tries to sit anywhere near you*  kind of hot.

My family has a house that’s like five minutes away from the beach and okay I might got spoiled with being able to dip my toes in the sea whilst sipping my cocktail during happy hour from mid June to late August for the most of my life. But can you blame me really?

Which brings me to: THE QUESTION! The question people ask me once they find out I’m from Croatia, no matter is it during pub quiz, on a tube, in toilet queue in club in Shoreditch, waiting for dodgy looking kebab in Fulham, Hinge dating app, in front of Balham Mc’ Donalds at 2am or just my usual Saturday morning gym class.

It always comes down to this: *MILD FREAKING OUT MOMENT with overall excitment*


SO, here I am. Approx. 20 YEARS of living and breathing there and I finally feel competent enough to recommend some places I think should be on your *must visit* list. I tried to summarize where to go and what to see, but also dropped few places that I loved for food and drinks. Hope it’s helpful…


  1. ZAGREB aka the capital

Although everyone is utterly obssesed with Croatia’s remarkable coastline, Zagreb is a little gem hidden in the NW of the country. It is only 2 hour flight away from London, on a relatively cheap (depends on a day) flight.

It is a city that can offer you everything.

It is made for strolling, eating, drinking and partying but also for museum visiting, nature exploring and art seeing. It is very cultural and historic yet vibrant and exciting.

Once you’ve been there you will see what I’m talking about.

In a past few years Zagreb became a very multicultural and open-minded city (rather it’s people) and it developed into a hot european destination.

It can offer more than just it’s best voted destination during the winter.

Where to go: During the summer you get to spend some time in Zagreb’s parks, my favourite is Maksimir where you can also visit the ZOO.

It’s public transport can get your from north to east and west to east easily, but it might be hot in there during summer months so I highly recommend either renting the bikes or walking. The beauty in our small country is that you can walk everywhere.

If you are after more historic part of the city go and visit Upper town, where you can get by using the funicular. Zagreb’s funicular is the world’s shortest cable railway used for public transport.

Once in there, take you have to visit St. Mark’s church which is located next to our parliament and also a very short walk away is the Cathedral of Zagreb.

To find out all about history of these buildings you can sing up for a walking tour which start from cca. £10.

Food and drinks: Food and drinks are very cheap comparing to London, so make sure you go for quality as it will still be within your budget yet very delicious.

My fav resturants are Boban & Kaptolska klet, for more traditional food but you’re only one Google search away for more suggestions of your liking.

What to do: Night life in Zagreb is ONLY VERY AMAZING. If visiting in June, make sure to check out INmusic festival as they always have the coolest lineups.

There is also plethora of night clubs with very diverse music so no doubt you will find somewhere to enjoy.

If you’re more of a chilled person, open-air Summer Cinema should definitely be on you list.

If very hot (and yes it will be), make sure that you and your swimsuit visit Lake Jarun, in the middle of the concrete Jungle this oasis will most likely convince you that you are at the seaside.

What I love the most about it is that you can easily take coach anywhere to make a day trip and it doesn’t take longer than 2-3 hours. Try visiting Lakes Plitvice, one of our eight national parks or Trakošćan Castle, museum that’s located in the middle of most breath taking nature you will absolutely love exploring.

PRO TIP: If on a budget rent a Airbnb rather than a hotel, and try to buy come fresh groceries from Dolac, famers market located right next to the main Ban Jelacic square.


Not only is Split the very center of Dalmatian coast but it is also stunningly located between both the sea and the mountains. Split is a perfect mix of modern life and ancient history. It is busy and it is big. But everything is walking distance.

Where to go/ What to do/ What do eat: It’s Old town is perfect for getting lost between visiting Diocletian’s palace, climbing bell tower of St. Dominus Cathedral for the best view of the town, eating world-class seafood ( I’ve personally been to Bokeria kitchen and wine bar, and Dvor resaurant and can say that never had a reason to go anywhere else) drinking fine wine and having very tasty icecream. You don’t want to miss out on drinking coffee on Riva, which is a promenade that has many palm trees, beautiful old buildings and a view to the Adriatic Sea.

BACVICE BEACH! Vamos a la playa, because you want to have a swim in the most beautiful sea on this planet. Now, y’all better be prepared for a very over-crowded beaches because that’s how great our seaside is. However, if you walk a bit further and go visit Kasjuni beach, you will find less people there and more peace and quiet.

To sum up, Split is absolutely fabulous. You will most definitely NEVER be bored because there is so many experiences you can sign up for (day tours, rafting, etc) or you know just chill on a beach. Night life is ace. People are great. Flights from London’s Gatwick very affordable. And do you really need more reasons?

PRO TIPS: Use Uber instead of TAXI because you won’t get overcharged.

Use shuttle bus from and to the airport (aprox. 3O minute ride for about 30 kunas, or 7 euros)

Harbour that is located in the very centre is connecting all near by, MUST SEE islands and you want to get on that ferry man!


Have you watched Mamma Mia 2 last summer? That sea, that sun, that God sent beautiful nature Lily James was having a time of her life in whilst singing ABBA’s songs?


It is, if you ask me the most authentic island in Croatia. People usually visit to get a proper peacful getaway, to clear their heads,to rest and spend some time unplugged from the world.

Vis had great gourment delights, nature and bohemian vibe to offer, and although it is all very chilled you can still dance and jive, and have the time of your life.



Oh man. I spent the most beautiful 3 years of my life going to University of Zadar AND can personally vouch that THIS. TOWN. is one of a kind.

Many say it’s like a mini Split, BUT HELL NO.

It is it’s own kind of unique beautifulness and OMG now I’m crying.

Where to go: Let’s start with the Old town, because, well because I want to. Zadar’s Old town is basically a peninsula. Connected to the rest of a town via bridge (and a little bit of land).

It is all stones, white stones. Very instagrammable (I got your back and your Insta game girl).

You will probably want to take few photos in front of church of St. Donatus where FYI they don’t charge you an entrance during the mass but they do other times (so do make sure that you check that timetable out, OR just show up on Lord’s day aka Sunday)

Right behind that, there is a Cathedral of St. Anastasia with it’s very own bell tower (surprise, surprise) that indeed has a breath-taking view (and it also takes your breath away whilst going both up and down, DO NOT recommend if afraid of heights)

Then please do walk towards the sea, and have a walk on a promenade towards the Sea Organ that YES, is an actual instrument played by the sea.

AND if that’s not cool enough for you, there is a monument to the Sun that’s basically sonar panels right next to it and YES and it glows in a dark, so VOILA.

Yes, Zadar has a beach. Or I’d rather say, BEACHES. Anywhere next to the sea is a place to jump in and enjoy clear sea but DO NOT DO IT near SEA ORGAN, because you will be fined (I might have been there, done that BUT I was also celebrating my uni graduation). Kolovare beach will do for you, and there is also a very funky bar that is worth checking our because they make superb pizza.

Food and drinks/ What to do: On the other side of Old town (whole ten minutes of walking away) is a little park in the ancient walls with a  beautiful gate that are hiding fab coffee shop Ledana turned bar during night and is very recommended for chilling out or socialising during your time there.

There is also my favourite restaurant called Pet bunara. (try Squid ink risotto and homemade bread or any fresh fish they have to offer)

There are other few good restaurants to eat at. Couple museums to visit. And awesome walking tours to walk. When you’re trying to leave the Old Town there is an bridge you have to cross or simply take the bus, but near that bridge are many boats and agencies with whom you can book boat day trips to near by islands (like national park Kornati islands, where people usually see dolphins while sailing, but hey not Disneyworld kind of dolphins!!!) or just cruising day out.


Buy your own booze and sit next to the Sea Organ in the evening and just breathe. It doesn’t really get better than seeing most magical sunset in the World. (rated by Alfred Hitchcock)

Take a bus from main bus station to Biograd na Moru or Krka National Park for a fun day trip to change the scenery.

So, have you packed your swimsuit yet? If not, WHAT are you waiting for?

And if you aren’t in the mood to plan your own holiday make sure to visit Tour Croatia and they will have you sorted.

Kisses and see you in Croatia this summer.

B xxx

Barb recommends: 10 wedding guest dresses

Hola amigos. How’s your May so far?

Mine is, A O-KAY. I’ve been keeping myself busy reading Bryony Gordon’s books and drinking cider on a common, mostly to enjoy myself but also to distract me from the fact that two of my friends are getting married this month, AND OH MY GOD when did I become one of those people who attend their friend’s weddings and buy dresses and drink champagne and fly to south of France to attend it. Jesus, shit just got real.

I am very chilled person when it comes to fancy outfits because let’s be real, we are all gonna spill some soup on our attire during dinner and few hours later some cocktails, and then we gonna dance until we sweat it all out and then someone else who’s still drunk is casually gonna shower you with their warm beer and then you decide to go bare foot dancing on a table, and you lose your earring or both if you’re particularly lucky and if you’ve never experienced this you’re doing it all wrong hun.

So like I said, never really bothered looking fancy before because I’d always end up looking like a tramp by the end of the night rather than a lady. (except for my sister’s wedding day)

When I told my mum I’m going, the first thing she told me was: OH PLEASE BEHAVE LIKE A LADY. And although I think she meant: don’t get absolutely shitfaced and embarrass me or yourself, she claims she actually meant: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy yourself a nice dress and a new pair of (heeled!!!) shoes.

UM, NO CAN DO LADY. I’m going in something semi-formal, I ain’t going fancy, that’s not how I roll. BUT After few very harassing phone calls from her I decided to give in and show up as a nearly 25-year old I am rather then a 16-year old skater boy, the look I usually do.

I found buying a dress (hello millennial first world problem) so FREAKING STRESSFUL. I mean it is a bloody dress, HOW FREAKING HARD IS TO BUY ONE? to fast forward, VERY HARD.

Of course I didn’t even consider looking for one until last week (aka 10 days prior to the big day itself), because hello ASOS premier delivery. So when I finally had a browse on few of mine fav high street fashion websites (because living on a millennial budget) I’ve seen that all the dresses I remotely liked were OUT OF STOCK. (WELL FUCK THIS)

So I had a mini panic attack, because girls do imagine what they want to wear and if we don’t get that, WELL IT IS END OF FUCKING WORLD. I know I have only myself to blame but a week ago I was so upset with every well organised girl who ordered her dress on time. Why do I never get to shop without all the stress and tears?

Anyways, I ordered 12 dresses last week.

I tried them all on.

I cried.

I didn’t like any of them on me.

I cried.

I returned them all.

I cried a little more.

BUT decided to put together some suggestions you might like to consider buying if your friends decided they are ready to have merged bank accounts and disgustingly call themselves hubby-wifey.

Enjoy your hassle free shopping and please do yourself a favour and buy your outfit sooner rather than later.

Follow me on Instagram (I do daily stories) where you will see me at the open bar, toasting to love and showing off a perfect dress I luckily ended up getting after refreshing ASOS website for four days straight. (a dress for wedding no. 2 still to be found!!!)

I know the big day is all about the bride and her dress, but all the girls deserve to look nice.

At least before the drinks kick in.

  1. ASOS wrap maxi dress
  2. Little Mistress midi skater dress (via ASOS)
  3. H&M tiered dress
  4. H&M lace dress
  5. ASOS bloombox midaxi dress
  6. ZARA satin dress
  7. RIVER ISLAND snake midi dress
  8. ZARA metallic thread dress
  9. NEW LOOK spot satin dress
  10. MANGO satin gown

16 thoughts I had when I was 16


I recently babysat for a girl who’s sister was also part of the job and is 16. OH MY FUCKING GOD, when did the 16-year-olds start thinking they own the fucking world? Jesus bless them, because the hard reality is going to hit them so fucking soon they will end up in tears (just like me).

The mood that girl was in is so hard to describe because I don’t want her to sound like a complete and utter bitch (she is a kid after all), BUT yeah she’s like a love child of Kanye and Donald Trump. If I didn’t know her parents I’d thought she’s genuinely the mean girl but I guess she is in that period of her life when her mood is visible on her face 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, sassy people I LOVE. But this was a mix of hormones and Simon Cowell. Not a very good combination. Anyways, that whole night was too funny and it I had me thinking. Was I like that? Please someone tell me I wasn’t!!! I had a little throwback moment whilst flipping through my old diary and this is what was on my mind when I was (sweet and) sixteen.

  1. Why does my mum always find something for me to do when I say I’m bored?
  2. If I read this once, a night before the exam I’ll pass
  3. UGH, boys are so disgusting.
  4. I can’t wait to move into my own flat, wear heels every day, adopt two dogs, have sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner and finally not being told what to do, or NOT to do
  5. Twenty-year-olds are soooo cool and look like they have their shit together, I want to be twenty
  6. I wish my sister would stop stealing my stuff, that bloody twat.
  7. How much money do you actually need to travel the world for a year?
  8. I can’t wait for Friday so I can go out at 6pm to a park and get drunk after one beer
  9. When is the new episode of Gossip Girl coming out?
  10. I just want to succeed without making any effort
  11. My grandparents are the cutest and I love them very much
  12. How handsome is my bio professor???
  13. Can someone tell me for the love of God when exactly will I ever use the Pythagorean Theorem in my life?
  14. I need a cigarette break after this Physics class because my friends said I do and smoking is so IN, hope no teachers will see me whilst hiding in a bush
  15. I am so tired because my life is so hard. I need to take a nap after school.
  16. Has my period leaked? I hope my period doesn’t leak.

Yep. That’s me in a nutshell in year circa 2011. Do you recall what were you like?

B x

My current everyday favourites

Hey ya. What’s rolling?

I’ve decided to put together a post about my best-loved items I use everyday. I put them in three different categories so it’s easy to follow. Most of these I bought myself with exception of few gifts. Hope you find something you might want to try yourself (hence all the links) Happy reading! x


As any other woman’s, and particularly a millennial woman’s bathroom, mine as well contains lots of different products. From oils, serums and moisturisers to creams, acids and toners. I too went from A-Z to find perfect match for my not so needy yet very sensitive skin. I’ve been to skin hell and back to heaven many many times, started using eye cream at age 13 (FACT, I had my father buy one from a local drug store for me because whilst waiting at dentist I read in Cosmo it’s an absolute must). But today, at age 24 I am more than proud (ACTUAL FACT AGAIN) to claim I have found skin products that actually do it for me. However, if I had more money I’d probably go for other choices, but I have a budget to stick to. So don’t worry, none of this products are going to demand you starving for a week because you wanted glowy skin.

Origins Ginzing utra-hydrating energy-boosting cream, £25.00

Mmmm, hello fresh! I firstly started using gel version of this cream, as after months of every blogger’s constant raving about it I finally decided to see what fresh hell is all the hype about. AND oh boy was I glad. But as winter months tend to dry my skin I’ve opted for a cream and BANG! Same famazing smell, same glow without the oily trace, same satisfaction with a little extra hydration. 3,2,1 SOLD FOR LIFE!

Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado, £26.00

I mean. You got dark circles? YEP. Sensitive and dry eye area? YEP. You worried about fine lines? YEP. Then this product is made for you. It’s so rich and thick I want to spread it on my bagel in the morning (but actual avocado is cheaper). A little goes a long way, so it is totally worth trying it out.

Benefit 24 hour brow setter, £21.50

I often get compliments how my brows look perfect. WELL YOU DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE. But honestly, everything I had to do was cash out £21.50. This brow gel is a game changer. I use it every God damn day and have no idea how on Earth did I ever live without it?

Bio-Oil (via Boots), from £9.99

I would like to officially thank Bio-Oil for keeping my skin hydrated, glowy and all together beautiful. It is usually advertised as anti stretch mark and scar fading product, and I did start using it as such. I was going through a phase where my skin was very dry and covered with scars as a side effect of meds I was taking (to the point it’d bleed if not moisturised )BUT! But I thankfully never stopped using after that. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (via Boots), £8.99

Now, let’s me start this by saying that my relationship with this concealer is probably the only long term relationship I never fucked up. This concealer helped me look like “normal” , “well rested”,”not hungover at all” and “Yes, I’ve been consuming green veggies for all three years of uni” girl for the past I dare to say 8 years!!! OMG. It saw me through high school dramas, cancer, my parents divorce, 0 hours sleeps during uni, funerals, weddings, break ups, make ups and “I am dying but gotta show up” situations. From time to time I’d go and buy another concealer. But nothing would ever replace it.

*all the products above are used for at least for a year


Fashion, huh? I should probably mention that 90% of my time I’m wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and trainers so don’t expect some high-fashion products here (however I’m more than happy to point you in a direction of my fav fashion bloggers for that inspo)

Adidas Originals Superstar (via ASOS), £80

Iconic trainers if you ask me. Yes, 80% of millennials own these but who the heck cares? I don’t. That’s why I recently repurchased my third pair in four years. They are comfy. They are stylish and go with everything. They are my everyday choice.

H&M blouse, £12.99

Now. From time to time I want to look like a sweet girl my mother thinks I am. So I bought this cute flowery blouse to wear when the actual spring arrives AND haven’t taken if off (except to wash it) ever since.

Ray Ban Round Fleck sunglasses, £136

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’m always wearing sunglasses. When it’s sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowing, hailing, night time or party time I am always with my sunglasses on my nose or head. And it’s usually always this pair. My secretly favourite pair (I never said it out loud so my other sunglasses don’t get offended). These were a bit pricey but and I’ve had them on my wishlist for ages unitil one very random day your girl decided to treat herself (and her brother) with fresh pair of sunnies. NO. REGRET. HERE.

GAPfit leggings, £62.95

I see these are on SALE now (you’re welcome) so if you spend a fair amount of time working out or are one of those people who wear gym clothes all day everyday do yourself a favour and press “Add to chart”. I am obsessed. These are high rise so they keep everything in place, nice and tight just like I want it to be. There is no slipping down. No stretched material. I’ve worn them for mostly all my workouts in last two months and excuse me whilst I go and buy another pair. *these come in 3 different colours and also in a full length version

CELINE knot bracelet, gift

I don’t know how or why did the person who gifted me this know it’s something I secretly wanted but I guess it’s every woman’s dream isn’t it? It’s a perfect minimalist piece of jewelry to wear everyday yet it works for a fancy occasion as well.


Other. I legitimately spent half an hour brain storming how the heck should I name this section. A collection of most random things I can’t seem to live without. I came up with nothing. So please do let me know if you have a better name? Cheers.

Bose SoundSport Earphones (via Amazon) , now £61.90 (were £89.95)

I’ve been through many different (brand and price wise) earphones. I’ve used shitty ones from Poundland, less shitty ones you get with your iPhone, the very overpriced Beats you have to save all your teenage years for and now I’m using Bose for a good year and a half. I’m on my second pair (as very cleverly left my first very loved pair behind in a taxi). Whilst I’m writing this I have “Monday motivation” playlist playing on Spotify (no it’s not even Monday). But this is me 100% of the time. My earphones in. Music or fav podcast on and, excuse me but I don’t have time for you talking because I’m to busy listening.

Samsung Galaxy watch (via Amazon), gift

Yes I’ve finally become a watch person y’all. It only took me 23 years of my life. And whilst you will be like, Jesus Christ women it’s only a watch. I’ll be asking you: does your watch count your steps? heart rate? burnt calories? or walked floors? Does it show your messages and other notifications without even looking at your phone? I BET IT DOESN’T. Well this one does. And I can even take it swimming with me. It’s cute. It’s smart. It has a pink strap (you can totally change that). It motivates you to move and to do shit. It’s perfect.

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” (via Amazon), gift

This is a bit controversial choice, not a book itself but a book in general. I don’t really have time to read on everyday basis, but then time passes and I regret not picking up a book. So I make myself read 20 pages a day. It’s usually in the morning when I’m concentrated and fresh. And some mornings I can’t wait to get through those 20 pages, but lately with this book I can’t seem to have enough and put it down. I’m nearly late for work every morning. This book is MUST READ for every girl/woman out there. How freaking inspirational is Michelle Obama?

Circuit classes.

I love love love love doing circuit classes. Especially in my local gym class where the gang I work out with motivates each other an helps each other get better. I literally can’t wait for my classes each week (I do 3/week). We laugh and joke quite a lot, we even go out and drink together but we still bring out beast mode during workouts.

Grace and Frankie on Netflix

I don’t know if you have your favourite tv shows sorted by categories (really weird but essential list to have) but I sure do. In the deep deep sea of comedy Grace and Frankie is the one that no matters how shitty my day is, will always make me laugh. It is such an easy watch. Jokes hit that sweet spot every-freaking-time and let me forget about my problems whilst laughing at someone else’s.

Ha. That was a long list. So kudos to you for sticking to the end. I’m curious, what’s your current everyday favourites? x