About me

Hi there nosy parker!

My name is Barbara.

I am 25 year-old Londoner but Croatian breed.

I’ve got my degree in nursing but currently work as a special needs nanny, PA and teachers assistant.

You can call me Marry Poppins with slight social media and Netflix addiction.

I mostly run on Coke Zero, double bacon cheeseburgers and posh coffee.

I love to write and snap photos which pairs well with being a perpetual oversharer.

That’s why I opened this blog which is a mix of random bits and bobs that are more (or less) relevant to an average girl in her 20s.

If I help you realise that you are a unique and capable human, that your body is beautiful, where to buy that dress you are after, make you laugh or help you pick your next moisturiser, MY JOB DONE. And my heart happy.

So, get yourself a cuppa, sit down, relax and happy reading.

B x

email: barbarawhotalks@gmail.com