January favourites 2020

I know it feels like we’re 5 months into 2020 but we just barely made it to Feb. And with that a new round of monthly favourites. Well, well, well February it was about time you show your face.

January was long. No joke. Felt like five months. But surprisingly my favourites list isn’t that long. I stuck to things I knew were good for my skin, wore what felt comfy and watched what I liked. So let’s just jump into it.


The Ordinary Gycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution Once again this toner helped me have a clear and radiant skin. Truly the best toner for my skin atm. I stopped using it for two weeks as I didn’t pack it for my trip and my skin became a fresh hell.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser is just such a mild cleanser that does the job but also moisturises my skin. It’s most probably the best cleanser to have in your toiletry bag during cold months!!! I’m on my 3rd bottle. I of course also forgot this whilst packing for my trip. Surprise, surprise my skin went crazy!

Laneige lip sleeping mask didn’t get enough rave on my blog yet. I picked it up in Sephora when I went to Copenhagen in December. TRULY, HONESTLY THE BEST LIP PRODUCT I’VE EVER USED. PERIODT. OK? YES! It’s super hydrating and it feels like such a luxurious product for such a good price. A little goes a long way as I only use it during night. I’m stilly v much faithful to my Glossier lip balm during day.

Clinique moisture surge overnight mask on the other hand got lots of mention on here. I’m still convinced this is one of the best skin care buys I’ve done in 2019. It’s a much cheaper version of Sisley’s velvet sleeping mask (Β£93!!!). It encourages my skin’s overnight rejuvenation and it genuinely helps with my skin fatigue.


Invisibooble sprunchie I’m just a Barbie girl in a scrunchie world. Unlike other scrunchie’s, this sprunchie doesn’t damage my hair thanks to Invisibooble’s technique so I can be trendy and have healthy looking hair.

Samsung galaxy watch helped me stay on track with my water intake and step count throughout January. I used my DW watch one day and was seriously lost without my smart watch. Can anyone relate?

Oliver Bonas travel jewellery box Do you know that feeling when you’re packing and than you chuck all your jewellery in your makeup or toiletry bag and by the time you need to use it, it’s just on big blob of metal? YEAH, I KNOW. This travel jewellery box was a life saviour and I’m not overreacting. All my earring and necklaces were tidy and easy to find. There was not knots or damage to my jewellery and I didn’t misplace anything. Also, it just feels very adult to have a travel jewellery box. Innit?

DIPTYQUE pomnader candle was just very soothing during cold self care evenings. I just love it!


Grey oversized sweatshirt from ASOS is honestly the softest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. It’s v comfy and it’s perfect oversized fit. I decided to print AUNTIE on mine because I’m just that kind of person, ok?

M&S black swimsuit was a great January find because who the heck is buying swimsuits during winter? M&S blew me away once again with their quality and designs. Swimsuit has a v classic look with a secret slimming technique that obvs doesn’t work on me but does provide that extra tightness around tummy for a lil’ bit more confidence. Boob support is amazing and it’s v affordable.


Edited Life by Anna Newton is a life changing book! It helped me organize my life, work and finances, de-clutterEVERYTHING and see it all clearer. What I particularly love about this book is the fact that it’s a guide. You can always come back to it, re-read it, re-apply the rules and get daily inspo on organization. Just what a control freak like me needs!

Sex Education on Netflix I literally watched the whole season 2 in 24 hours and all I have to say is: prepare tissues! I laughed like a maniac and sobbed like a emotional mess I am. It was all I wanted it to be AND MORE!

Grace and Frankie on Netflix season 6 of G&F was released mid Jan and it was a bit of a slow watch for me to be honest. It didn’t disappoint but I just expected it to be a bit more lively like it’s previous seasons. Oh well, no regrets on watching it as it made my tummy hurt.

The Ranch on Netflix came out with new season. I also binge watched that in few days. This show continues to be as funny and as real throughout all seasons. I love me some good old Merican’ humour and that’s what I get.


My nephews D & P. I was back in Croatia for last two weeks and spent a majority of time with my two nephews. Baby P was mainly sleeping and giving me cuddles but D is a whole lot of everything. So funny!!! so kind and loving, so wild and loud and so cheeky and playful. No January blues with them.

*This post contains affiliate links!

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