De-stressing night routine

PEOPLE, we have made it. First full week of work in 2020. WELL DONE US.

It was freaking hard to get back to routine after 10+ hour sleeps, constant food comas and non-stop staring at telly. I just barely managed to get a grip and can’t tell you how very stressy depressy it was. With all my jobs and workouts and side hustles. I get easily burnt out if I don’t take care of myself so I created a very relaxing night routine to help with unwinding and getting rid of that anxious feelings. And of course I decided to share. I’ll get really specific, ok? So lets dive into it.

6pm- I usually eat dinner at work.

7pm- most nights I finish work around 7pm. As I work from home I go and change clothes. I put on leggings, work out bra, top and oversized sweatshirt.

7.30pm- workout. I love getting a good sweat in as that helps with my anxiety and relaxes the fuck out of me. I prefer doing cardio in the evenings as it helps me sleep better. On Mondays and Wednesdays I’ll go for a spin, Tuesdays are for circuits and Thursdays for yoga. I walk to gym and back to get some fresh air and during that time I listen to music. Usually this playlist.

8.30pm- I’m usually home between 8.30-45 (this is also the last time I check my phone for the day) and I go straight into my bathroom for a very hot shower and to do beauty night routine.

I wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser in the shower. I basically make sure it’s my time to calm down and wash the day away. Straight after shower I love to put some Bio Oil on my body. For my face, I’ve been loving the Ordinary Gylcolic Solution as my toner which is usually followed by Drunk Elephant hydro serum for some hydration as retinol serum I apply next, dries my skin. The DE serum is very light so retinol still goes through it. After serums, here comes the moisturizer to which I add few drops of DE marula oil as winter in London can be brutal for my skin. For eye creme I use Kiehl’s Avo treatment and as lip balm Laneige sleeping mask.

As an extra little treat I use Clinique moisture surge overnight mask. It basically works as a very heavy and hydrating moisturiser and I obvs sleep with it. It gives my face very fresh and glowy look the next day.

After that I brush my teeth, I scrape my tongue and I floss (ok, most nights I floss).

9pm- pyjamas and tea time. Lately I’ve been driking Pukka night time blend which tastes and smells AMAZING. It’s a perfect path to restful nights.

9.15pm- bed time. I’ve been in the candles lately. It sets a better mood than oil diffuser during cold and dark evenings. My current faves are Pomander by Diptyque and This Works Deep Sleep candle. I also absolutely LOVE my salt lamp. I have it on every evening and it is sooooo relaxing.

If I’m in the mood, I will read. I’ve started new book recently and have been loving it. But if my day was really stressful and I just want to completely switch off, I put on tv and watch something funny. I started AJ and the Queen on Netflix over the weekend AND I’m hooked.

10pm- sleep time. I set my alarm, put my phone one airplane mode, blow out my candles, open my window for 10 minutes whilst I’m saying thanks and prayers and then I turn off my lamp and I go to sleep.

I know this is quite early but 7-8 hour sleep is essential for me to recharge. I wake up around 5am and if I don’t get enough sleep I am super cranky and unproductive the next day. If you’re going to take one thing from this blog post, please get your sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and please let me know in the comments what are your hacks to de-stress and relax.

Lots of love, B.

ps. All links are affiliate.

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