Let's talk about: Detoxing, digitally.

So here we are, digital detox.

I am 25 and yes social media is a big chunk of my life, ok Karen?

I know it such a silent action but it makes me feel like I’m not alone. Like I’m in a room full of people and I’m talking to them about my current worries, which I am forever thankful for.

I’ve created my own little community on Instagram and it’s my safe space to pour out my high and my lows. I’ve started my Instagram profile as a diary during my cancer journey but found it very helpful after that as well, so it’s been like good 8 years for crying out loud.

It balances my mental health, mostly because I don’t talk about my darkest moments to anyone but my mum or my therapist. So why not share it with strangers all over the world. It’s pretty damn great but I also realise it is not for everyone.

Equally, I need a break from it. From time to time. I do and it has to do with me getting v self-involved and just getting fed up with seeing my own face and hearing my own voice.


And just giving my brain a sweet break. Slowing down and not being in control. Basically switching off a world that’s oddly very loud and flashy and having a moment of silence. That’s how I feel when I’m not on social media, my brain is silent. And it makes me feel lonely. But I love being by myself. With my thoughts. And silence. It recharges me.

Not knowing what’s everyone’s up to is often isolating. But guess what? I can survive if I don’t know what someone’s eating and wearing or kissing or driving! Most times it’s actually oddly refreshing.

In the past I would get serious fomo from stalking other people’s profiles and would occasionally feel like poop based on the facts that

a) I don’t have plump lips or perky boobs (now days both proven to be very fake), a Bentley, 2358295 designer bags, and I’m not gifted a floating house to stay at in Indonesia’s top hotel resort

b) my school mates have husbands, and houses and babies and I’m not even sure I want a baby but OK

c) I would waste my time, like literally hours of time on going down that internet’s rabbit hole that would lead me to my neighbour’s boyfriend’s cousin’s cat’s sister’s profile and like what fresh hell?

But here I am. Having a healthy relationship with social media and shit,

who am I?

Having a detox or a break from your socials is actually very easy although it might feel like a end of a world to you.

I started with genuinely 5 minutes a day.

I didn’t reach for my phone the minute I woke up. I kept it in my pocket whilst walking down the street.

It’s as simple as that.

I didn’t give up my phone and went living in the wild with monkeys.

I took small steps,

And slowly, I built it up. I trained my brain muscles.

I stopped taking it the bathroom (we all do it ok?).

Didn’t take it out of my bag whilst talking to a friend. I was present in a moment.

A for a hot minute I felt very much content, but there was a period when I’d feel myself itching for my phone, like a real ass junkie.

I was v anxious when I was offline as much as I was online and I was in the big freaking limbo but I found it helpful to delete the actual apps of the phone. That way I’d prevent myself from habitually having a cheeky look at the feed.

Once I got in a routine of not checking my phone ALL THE TIME, I started practising my social media breaks more frequently.

I don’t use my phone at least 45 minutes before bedtime (unless on a night out!)

I stay completely offline once a week.

I like to put down my phone and pick up my life. Live more intentionally. It is not the easiest thing to do sometimes but it is a great way to exercise mental self-care.

I can only urge you to try it for you and your well being.

B x

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