Barb recommends: 10 wedding guest dresses

Hola amigos. How’s your May so far?

Mine is, A O-KAY. I’ve been keeping myself busy reading Bryony Gordon’s books and drinking cider on a common, mostly to enjoy myself but also to distract me from the fact that two of my friends are getting married this month, AND OH MY GOD when did I become one of those people who attend their friend’s weddings and buy dresses and drink champagne and fly to south of France to attend it. Jesus, shit just got real.

I am very chilled person when it comes to fancy outfits because let’s be real, we are all gonna spill some soup on our attire during dinner and few hours later some cocktails, and then we gonna dance until we sweat it all out and then someone else who’s still drunk is casually gonna shower you with their warm beer and then you decide to go bare foot dancing on a table, and you lose your earring or both if you’re particularly lucky and if you’ve never experienced this you’re doing it all wrong hun.

So like I said, never really bothered looking fancy before because I’d always end up looking like a tramp by the end of the night rather than a lady. (except for my sister’s wedding day)

When I told my mum I’m going, the first thing she told me was: OH PLEASE BEHAVE LIKE A LADY. And although I think she meant: don’t get absolutely shitfaced and embarrass me or yourself, she claims she actually meant: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy yourself a nice dress and a new pair of (heeled!!!) shoes.

UM, NO CAN DO LADY. I’m going in something semi-formal, I ain’t going fancy, that’s not how I roll. BUT After few very harassing phone calls from her I decided to give in and show up as a nearly 25-year old I am rather then a 16-year old skater boy, the look I usually do.

I found buying a dress (hello millennial first world problem) so FREAKING STRESSFUL. I mean it is a bloody dress, HOW FREAKING HARD IS TO BUY ONE? to fast forward, VERY HARD.

Of course I didn’t even consider looking for one until last week (aka 10 days prior to the big day itself), because hello ASOS premier delivery. So when I finally had a browse on few of mine fav high street fashion websites (because living on a millennial budget) I’ve seen that all the dresses I remotely liked were OUT OF STOCK. (WELL FUCK THIS)

So I had a mini panic attack, because girls do imagine what they want to wear and if we don’t get that, WELL IT IS END OF FUCKING WORLD. I know I have only myself to blame but a week ago I was so upset with every well organised girl who ordered her dress on time. Why do I never get to shop without all the stress and tears?

Anyways, I ordered 12 dresses last week.

I tried them all on.

I cried.

I didn’t like any of them on me.

I cried.

I returned them all.

I cried a little more.

BUT decided to put together some suggestions you might like to consider buying if your friends decided they are ready to have merged bank accounts and disgustingly call themselves hubby-wifey.

Enjoy your hassle free shopping and please do yourself a favour and buy your outfit sooner rather than later.

Follow me on Instagram (I do daily stories) where you will see me at the open bar, toasting to love and showing off a perfect dress I luckily ended up getting after refreshing ASOS website for four days straight. (a dress for wedding no. 2 still to be found!!!)

I know the big day is all about the bride and her dress, but all the girls deserve to look nice.

At least before the drinks kick in.

  1. ASOS wrap maxi dress
  2. Little Mistress midi skater dress (via ASOS)
  3. H&M tiered dress
  4. H&M lace dress
  5. ASOS bloombox midaxi dress
  6. ZARA satin dress
  7. RIVER ISLAND snake midi dress
  8. ZARA metallic thread dress
  9. NEW LOOK spot satin dress
  10. MANGO satin gown

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