16 thoughts I had when I was 16


I recently babysat for a girl who’s sister was also part of the job and is 16. OH MY FUCKING GOD, when did the 16-year-olds start thinking they own the fucking world? Jesus bless them, because the hard reality is going to hit them so fucking soon they will end up in tears (just like me).

The mood that girl was in is so hard to describe because I don’t want her to sound like a complete and utter bitch (she is a kid after all), BUT yeah she’s like a love child of Kanye and Donald Trump. If I didn’t know her parents I’d thought she’s genuinely the mean girl but I guess she is in that period of her life when her mood is visible on her face 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, sassy people I LOVE. But this was a mix of hormones and Simon Cowell. Not a very good combination. Anyways, that whole night was too funny and it I had me thinking. Was I like that? Please someone tell me I wasn’t!!! I had a little throwback moment whilst flipping through my old diary and this is what was on my mind when I was (sweet and) sixteen.

  1. Why does my mum always find something for me to do when I say I’m bored?
  2. If I read this once, a night before the exam I’ll pass
  3. UGH, boys are so disgusting.
  4. I can’t wait to move into my own flat, wear heels every day, adopt two dogs, have sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner and finally not being told what to do, or NOT to do
  5. Twenty-year-olds are soooo cool and look like they have their shit together, I want to be twenty
  6. I wish my sister would stop stealing my stuff, that bloody twat.
  7. How much money do you actually need to travel the world for a year?
  8. I can’t wait for Friday so I can go out at 6pm to a park and get drunk after one beer
  9. When is the new episode of Gossip Girl coming out?
  10. I just want to succeed without making any effort
  11. My grandparents are the cutest and I love them very much
  12. How handsome is my bio professor???
  13. Can someone tell me for the love of God when exactly will I ever use the Pythagorean Theorem in my life?
  14. I need a cigarette break after this Physics class because my friends said I do and smoking is so IN, hope no teachers will see me whilst hiding in a bush
  15. I am so tired because my life is so hard. I need to take a nap after school.
  16. Has my period leaked? I hope my period doesn’t leak.

Yep. That’s me in a nutshell in year circa 2011. Do you recall what were you like?

B x

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