My current everyday favourites

Hey ya. What’s rolling?

I’ve decided to put together a post about my best-loved items I use everyday. I put them in three different categories so it’s easy to follow. Most of these I bought myself with exception of few gifts. Hope you find something you might want to try yourself (hence all the links) Happy reading! x


As any other woman’s, and particularly a millennial woman’s bathroom, mine as well contains lots of different products. From oils, serums and moisturisers to creams, acids and toners. I too went from A-Z to find perfect match for my not so needy yet very sensitive skin. I’ve been to skin hell and back to heaven many many times, started using eye cream at age 13 (FACT, I had my father buy one from a local drug store for me because whilst waiting at dentist I read in Cosmo it’s an absolute must). But today, at age 24 I am more than proud (ACTUAL FACT AGAIN) to claim I have found skin products that actually do it for me. However, if I had more money I’d probably go for other choices, but I have a budget to stick to. So don’t worry, none of this products are going to demand you starving for a week because you wanted glowy skin.

Origins Ginzing utra-hydrating energy-boosting cream, £25.00

Mmmm, hello fresh! I firstly started using gel version of this cream, as after months of every blogger’s constant raving about it I finally decided to see what fresh hell is all the hype about. AND oh boy was I glad. But as winter months tend to dry my skin I’ve opted for a cream and BANG! Same famazing smell, same glow without the oily trace, same satisfaction with a little extra hydration. 3,2,1 SOLD FOR LIFE!

Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado, £26.00

I mean. You got dark circles? YEP. Sensitive and dry eye area? YEP. You worried about fine lines? YEP. Then this product is made for you. It’s so rich and thick I want to spread it on my bagel in the morning (but actual avocado is cheaper). A little goes a long way, so it is totally worth trying it out.

Benefit 24 hour brow setter, £21.50

I often get compliments how my brows look perfect. WELL YOU DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE. But honestly, everything I had to do was cash out £21.50. This brow gel is a game changer. I use it every God damn day and have no idea how on Earth did I ever live without it?

Bio-Oil (via Boots), from £9.99

I would like to officially thank Bio-Oil for keeping my skin hydrated, glowy and all together beautiful. It is usually advertised as anti stretch mark and scar fading product, and I did start using it as such. I was going through a phase where my skin was very dry and covered with scars as a side effect of meds I was taking (to the point it’d bleed if not moisturised )BUT! But I thankfully never stopped using after that. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (via Boots), £8.99

Now, let’s me start this by saying that my relationship with this concealer is probably the only long term relationship I never fucked up. This concealer helped me look like “normal” , “well rested”,”not hungover at all” and “Yes, I’ve been consuming green veggies for all three years of uni” girl for the past I dare to say 8 years!!! OMG. It saw me through high school dramas, cancer, my parents divorce, 0 hours sleeps during uni, funerals, weddings, break ups, make ups and “I am dying but gotta show up” situations. From time to time I’d go and buy another concealer. But nothing would ever replace it.

*all the products above are used for at least for a year


Fashion, huh? I should probably mention that 90% of my time I’m wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and trainers so don’t expect some high-fashion products here (however I’m more than happy to point you in a direction of my fav fashion bloggers for that inspo)

Adidas Originals Superstar (via ASOS), £80

Iconic trainers if you ask me. Yes, 80% of millennials own these but who the heck cares? I don’t. That’s why I recently repurchased my third pair in four years. They are comfy. They are stylish and go with everything. They are my everyday choice.

H&M blouse, £12.99

Now. From time to time I want to look like a sweet girl my mother thinks I am. So I bought this cute flowery blouse to wear when the actual spring arrives AND haven’t taken if off (except to wash it) ever since.

Ray Ban Round Fleck sunglasses, £136

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’m always wearing sunglasses. When it’s sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowing, hailing, night time or party time I am always with my sunglasses on my nose or head. And it’s usually always this pair. My secretly favourite pair (I never said it out loud so my other sunglasses don’t get offended). These were a bit pricey but and I’ve had them on my wishlist for ages unitil one very random day your girl decided to treat herself (and her brother) with fresh pair of sunnies. NO. REGRET. HERE.

GAPfit leggings, £62.95

I see these are on SALE now (you’re welcome) so if you spend a fair amount of time working out or are one of those people who wear gym clothes all day everyday do yourself a favour and press “Add to chart”. I am obsessed. These are high rise so they keep everything in place, nice and tight just like I want it to be. There is no slipping down. No stretched material. I’ve worn them for mostly all my workouts in last two months and excuse me whilst I go and buy another pair. *these come in 3 different colours and also in a full length version

CELINE knot bracelet, gift

I don’t know how or why did the person who gifted me this know it’s something I secretly wanted but I guess it’s every woman’s dream isn’t it? It’s a perfect minimalist piece of jewelry to wear everyday yet it works for a fancy occasion as well.


Other. I legitimately spent half an hour brain storming how the heck should I name this section. A collection of most random things I can’t seem to live without. I came up with nothing. So please do let me know if you have a better name? Cheers.

Bose SoundSport Earphones (via Amazon) , now £61.90 (were £89.95)

I’ve been through many different (brand and price wise) earphones. I’ve used shitty ones from Poundland, less shitty ones you get with your iPhone, the very overpriced Beats you have to save all your teenage years for and now I’m using Bose for a good year and a half. I’m on my second pair (as very cleverly left my first very loved pair behind in a taxi). Whilst I’m writing this I have “Monday motivation” playlist playing on Spotify (no it’s not even Monday). But this is me 100% of the time. My earphones in. Music or fav podcast on and, excuse me but I don’t have time for you talking because I’m to busy listening.

Samsung Galaxy watch (via Amazon), gift

Yes I’ve finally become a watch person y’all. It only took me 23 years of my life. And whilst you will be like, Jesus Christ women it’s only a watch. I’ll be asking you: does your watch count your steps? heart rate? burnt calories? or walked floors? Does it show your messages and other notifications without even looking at your phone? I BET IT DOESN’T. Well this one does. And I can even take it swimming with me. It’s cute. It’s smart. It has a pink strap (you can totally change that). It motivates you to move and to do shit. It’s perfect.

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” (via Amazon), gift

This is a bit controversial choice, not a book itself but a book in general. I don’t really have time to read on everyday basis, but then time passes and I regret not picking up a book. So I make myself read 20 pages a day. It’s usually in the morning when I’m concentrated and fresh. And some mornings I can’t wait to get through those 20 pages, but lately with this book I can’t seem to have enough and put it down. I’m nearly late for work every morning. This book is MUST READ for every girl/woman out there. How freaking inspirational is Michelle Obama?

Circuit classes.

I love love love love doing circuit classes. Especially in my local gym class where the gang I work out with motivates each other an helps each other get better. I literally can’t wait for my classes each week (I do 3/week). We laugh and joke quite a lot, we even go out and drink together but we still bring out beast mode during workouts.

Grace and Frankie on Netflix

I don’t know if you have your favourite tv shows sorted by categories (really weird but essential list to have) but I sure do. In the deep deep sea of comedy Grace and Frankie is the one that no matters how shitty my day is, will always make me laugh. It is such an easy watch. Jokes hit that sweet spot every-freaking-time and let me forget about my problems whilst laughing at someone else’s.

Ha. That was a long list. So kudos to you for sticking to the end. I’m curious, what’s your current everyday favourites? x

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