“We are going to Cornwall and you are invited as well”, said my boss mid February. “Where the heck is Cornwall and why the hell would I wanna go there mid April?” said me, but obvs not out loud. One google search away and I shouted, YES I AM COMING TO CORNWALL.

So, why is Cornwall so cool? Well it’s only the most amazing place in England. It’s a county located on England’s rugged southwestern tip. It is basically one massive beach with amazing nature and plethora of harbour villages and towering cliffs.

I was on the verge of mental break down as was over-worked and felt like my life revolves around work, working out and Netflix by the time it was time to hit the road. So I promised myself I would actually take advantage of being away and do some reading, social media detoxing and self reflection. So knowing me and my weak self control I made a deal with myself to limit my social media/phone usage to 30 minutes per day and to ban Netflix completely as Michelle Obama’s book was shouting READ ME, READ ME, READ ME! from my bedside table since Christmas now.

Most days I ended up using my phone for less than 20 minutes a day just to reply to few messages and upload a photo on Instagram. And as a result I feel so refreshed and re-energized. I don’t feel left out or that I missed out on something like I usually do when I’m away or don’t spend every minute on my phone or internet.

If you’ve had enough of city life and need a break Cornwall is ideal place to go to. SO KEEP READING!!! And yes it is quite a ride to get there (ALMOST FIVE HOURS) but you could easily take a train or even fly there.

What to do there and when to go?

We left on Thursday morning and drove there, which is aprox. a five, five and a half hours drive from SW London (depends on how many times you have to go toilet)

We were in Polzeath, which is a small seaside village with amazing sandy beach. It is very popular place for families and surfers to go to. You can easily rent wet suits or boards and try waves yourself. Honestly, you DO NOT want to miss out on the waves. They are famazing!!! It is so much fun even with freezing cold water splashing your face and making you feel like you fell off Titanic.

If you’re not much of a beach person, there is plenty of nature to explore and walks to walk. No matter what time of the year you end up visiting you will want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

What is great about Cornwall is that you can easily always find something to do although there is not that many thing to do there. We were very lucky with weather because it was mostly sunny and warm (only one day of rain) so we spent every day on a beach or in the sea but in the evenings we mostly played board and card games, read and just hanged out over good food.

What to expect, what to pack?

People there are very friendly and chilled. If you’re missing a pound whilst buying an ice cream, no worries! You can totally bring one later or tomorrow. You can also rent all the surfing equipment without paying in advance and with a big probability of being charged the lowest fee for it at the end of a day.

EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN LONDON. Food, drinks, taxi, accommodation.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Food choice there is nothing like in London. But you will eat first class fish and chips or superb stone-baked pizza on a beach. And whilst coffee isn’t the best (I was especially warned about that whilst being served a piping hot flat white) ice cream and beer are very much up to standard. Most of the groceries sold are locally grown and therefor supporting local farmers. Sea food is obvs fresh from the ocean, and milk from the cows you can see moo-ing on green fields while driving towards the ocean.

When it comes to packing, please please please go minimal. Take it from me, a queen of over-packing. I ended up using only one quarter of my over stuffed suitcase and was outraged. All you really need for a 6 day stay is: 3-4 t-shirts, a hoodie, pair of trainers, flip flops, jeans or any other trousers, shorts, pyjamas, rain coat, workout clothes (if you are planning on doing any, I WASN’T) sunglasses and a swimsuit (plus knickers, a bra and some socks). Also don’t forget to pack sun cream, a book and a water bottle.

My favourite things there: definitely the sunsets. I mean, OUT OF THIS WORLD. Also to being able to do yoga on a Sunday morning on a beach, IS THIS SOME SORT OF MILLENNIAL HEAVEN? Also, cheeky sausage rolls from a local pasty shop, YUM!

Although I am a city gal, when Wednesday arrived I was quite reluctant to go back to the big smoke. Cornwall felt like the time and the world have stopped. Everything was easy. Slow. And carefree. It was ideal escape from everyday routine and I am very much greatful for being able to turn off my alarm (and phone in general) and to just sleep in. I will definitely go back for more fresh air, breathtaking views and peace.

You should too! *casually inserts sunset photo to prove you so*

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