5 lifestyle changes you can do to help the environment

This past Friday, March 22nd was a World Water Day. I betcha you knew that!?

Anyways. In honor of that and mostly inspired by Greta Thunberg (google that girl!!!), a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist nominated for Nobel peace prize I decided to put together a little post about changes you (yes, a perfectly normal everyday millennial you) could do to help the environment or at least start producing less waste.

But why bother you will say?

Well, first of all stop being a selfish dick!!! (yes, a 16-year-old me too!) AND LISTEN HERE. Global fucking warming is real. Have you ever seen a photo of a very cute fluffy chubby white polar bear? (the Coca Cola commercial counts too) YES, is the answer! Now have you seen a photo of a polar bear recently? Well, come on go google it. And that is a very simple example to get your attention.


But let’s go find out how little does it take to do good to the Earth.

Get yourself a reusbale coffee cup

Hello fellow coffee drinker. Did you know that most coffee shops give you 10% off your order if you bring in your own cup? HA, LIFE HACK I KNOW. But do you know what’s even better? The integrity you have knowing you’re not doing any harm to the planet whilst sipping your magic liquid in the morning.

I got mine at the local coffee shop but plenty different options on their website.

STOP using platic bags!!!

I mean is it even 2019 if you don’t own a reusable shopping bag? I know that 90% of the time you forget one but most of the shops sell reusable bags at the checkouts so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort yourself out. (so all the dead turtles don’t come chasing you in your dreams.) I use this Turtle bag from ARKET.

Choose eco-friendly for the bathroom

It’s been nearly 4 months since I swaped my very loved longterm plastic tootbrush brand for a 100% recyclable one. It’s one of those changes only and adult can make so if you’re gonna whine about it to your friends during brunch (like me for good 2 weeks) I suggest not to see your friends for the period of time, buy the toothbrush tho.

I use Humble toothbrush.

Go green while going red

If you’re a lady and aprox. every 28 days your vagina decides to bleed to let you know you it contains no baby, keep reading. (soz mate!!!) Now, what I’m about to tell you is no secret but having a period sucks, what sucks even more is being taxed on those feminine products (bloody 5% JESUS FREAKING CHRIST), but hey you can’t live without them. Since you have to buy these why not trying to choose slightly better options? Plethora of tampons and pads come in eco-friendly versions these days (even if you just buy applicator free tampons you’re reducing your plastic waste). BUT HAVE YOU TRIED USING A PERIOD CUP? All I’m gonna say is: AS A WOMEN I FEEL COMPLETELY SORTED OUT ON THAT DEPARTMENT. Yes, it takes a bit longer to get to know your body and what goes where but darling, it is truly a 100% life changing decision to use one. (Pro tip: loads of funny videos to watch on period cup theme on YouTube.)

I use this period cup, and it is worth checking out (also, I will let you do the maths on how affordable it actually is)

Keep hydrated, keep plastic free

I swear to the God, if I forget my water bottle at home I’d rather die of thirst than purchase another plastic bottle. Well, if you’re have early signs of dementia and regularly forget your shit at home too, good thing is that glass water bottles are sold literally everywhere now and if you buy a plastic one you are a twat. (*ME JUDGING YOU*)

I’ve been loyal to Swell for over three years now and I couldn’t be more happier. These are a bit pricier but so worth it.

Hey you! Thanks for reading.

Apologies for a slightly longer (but a very important) post. As I grow I realise that this planet is the only one we get and care for the environment bacame a passion of mine. I hope you make at least one change to help and keep this lovely planet of ours clean and healthy.

( I only covered few very simple everyday changes that can be done (or that I did), there are plenty more so do your research)

Peace out.

B x

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