Let’a talk about: 2019 RESOLUTIONS AND GOALS

Most of you will probably say: IT IS MARCH WOMAN, why you writing about new year resolutions?


And hun, it’s never to late to set new resolutions or goals.

Now, we’ve agreed on where are we in Gregorian calendar and on that I am right, Hi. Welcome back!

I do know this type of post is not exactly screaming *please post me more than 3 months into bloody year* but hey, I didn’t have a blog in January.

As a person who likes to plan life, and reflect on past, I write down goals to get me through my day/month/year. Although, life taught me not to plan too far in advance, and that to stick to a resolution you need to actually do something about it rather than just write it down and wait for 365 days to roll around until it’s not relatable anymore, setting goals makes me happier. I have a purpose to wake up in the morning and not just float around and wait for things to happen to me.

According to Cambrige English Dictionary resolution is:
a promise to yourself to do or to not do something .

So here are promises I made to myself (and how am I doing so far).

Find balance

Whether is work or diet related, my whole lifestyle was screaming: PLEASE GURL SORT YOURSELF OUT. Ever since I was a kid my mom used to tell me that balance is the key. That life is pretty much a mixure of good and bad decisions and moments. And I have to say I think that I actually finally have the edge on it. Monday to Friday I have my shit together (go to bed/wake up on time, stay hydrated, eat healthy, work out,etc.) and on the weekend I RELAX (I decide what to do and who to do it with based on how I feel that day). And no, I don’t just exist for the first five days of a week waiting for weekend to roll, I truly enjoy every day.

Live more sustainably

Here is a true millennial speaking out now. And let me just admit that no, I didn’t always give shit about our planet, but we can just pin that to a very selfish teenager me, ok?

As a semi-adult who’s still figuring out to have or not to have kids, I probably wouldn’t be invested in the enviroment as much, but as a auntie of a beautiful boy (who’s recycling game is stronger than mine, yo!) I give all the shit. For a few years now I’ve been using my reusable water bottle to try and stop buying as much plastic and I literally carry it with me everywhere. The same with my shopping bag. Although, it took me a while to actually remember and take one with me everywhere I go (and to stop feeling like a middle-aged woman while using one) I have to say that my cheesy smile is as wide as it gets when I proudly say NO to a plastic bag in Sainsbury’s.

Scroll less, turn off more

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok, I’m working on it.

IT IS HARD. Especially if you are as nosy as I am. Especially if for years, the first thing you used to do when you opened your eyes in the morning was grabbing your phone. Especially when you’re a millennial and everyone’s doing it.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT’S EVEN HARDER? To catch yourself scrolling trought social media and constantly compare yourself to other people. Kicking yourself for not being as pretty, as rich, as popular or as famous as others. Getting in your own head and ruining your day because all you have is not enough because someone else has more of it, because someone else is a “self-made” billionare at age 21, when you could have barely afford a taxi home after a night of cheap drinks at that age.

Social media is double-edged sword. That’s why I unfollowed aprox. 300 accounts on my Instagram profile. It’s not because I was jelaous. It’s not because I was annoyed. It was simply because a content on those profiles would make me compare my chapter 1 to somebody’s chapter 20. It was because some content would make me think I wasn’t enough whilst I know I am.

I chose my mental health over captured fake moments and I am so happy ever since.

Find a hobby that relaxes me

Netflix. IT IS A HOBBY. I don’t care what you say. It makes me relax and rest emotionally. ALSO, it’s a great excuse to eat popcorn. Choir. I joined a local community choir in Januray. It’s a mix of people’s ages, characters and tastes but the MUSIC. Oh man the music. We are currently singing The Beatles, very funky Spanish song, John Lennon, Bill Whiters and Queen. Do I have to say anything other than, IT MAKES ME SO DAMN CHEERFUL. Circuits. If you thought that I’m going to write about benefits of working out, soz gurl. WRONG BLOG. But this particular work out is a saving grace after a looong day where you’re not allowed to punch anyone. Mix of weights and cardio to help me get rid of some stress (and extra calories) that managed to stick to me during the day. I do it at least twice a week (but usually 3-4 times/week).

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