Who am I and what do I want to be?

at Genesis, Shoreditch.

Hi. Hey. Hola. Hallo. Bonjuour. Ola. Ciao. Namaste. Bok.

*drum rolls* it is here. My blog is live.

I don’t know what this is. And I don’t even know who am I or what I want to be as my outlook on life changes every couple of weeks (chill girl, you’re only 24!!!) but I thought it’d be fun to write a little blog and share my life chronicles.

For all you who don’t follow me and my daily adventures on Instagram (WELL you should),


My name is Barbara (you can tots call me B/Barb/Barbarella etc.) and I am one very typical millennial. At age 24, only serious things in my life are my Netflix, ASOS and bacon cheeseburger addictions. My uni degree is currently collecting dust in my childhood bedroom at my mothers house in Croatia whilst I’m trying to adult here in London (and aslo trying  not to eat my body weight in fish and chips).

I moved to London nearly 3 years ago, in September 2016. And HANDS DOWN that was the best decision of my life (I tend to have a habit of making stupid decisions so it’s not really that hard). Ever since I’ve been working as a nanny (because obvs children love me) and occasional other jobs (will work for CHANEL) which leads us to my current set up of 3 different jobs at this very moment of my life (yes, I am very adult). Beside nearly 60 hour work week, serious Netflix obsession and unhealthy relationship with social media, my free time is basically non existant but when I manage I do love a good circuit workout, brunches/lunches/munches with my friends, theatre and cinema visits (mostly for popcorn) and just walks around good old London (still can’t believe I actually live here).  I am always on the hunt for good coffee shops, sale deals and Instagramable places too.

Sounds familiar? Yes, we are all there somewhere. Between ordering shit we don’t need from Amazon and browsing Bumble (or Tinder for you brave enough) because we can’t be bothered talking to men in real life. Truth is, no one has it all figured out. We are all just bunch of kids with bid dreams trying to go to work, work out, stay hydrated, not to be broke, maintain a social life and get 8 hours a sleep every night.

Will keep this sweet and short so toot-a-lo.

B x

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